My intention for this project was to capture humans, exclusively women, in their most natural state. I wanted to combine human reaction with the element of water and capture the candid moments when they come together. The water acts as a mirror to reflect the person’s character. Being underneath the water, the person reacts intuitively within that environment, each in her own way. Each person has different thoughts, feelings, and experiences, which leads to their own introspection.

Being underwater causes a physical change within us. The first few seconds that you have submerged your heart rate drops dramatically. The pressure being put on your joints from gravity is reduced. Because of these changes, your body is much calmer, much more relaxed, and your brain responds accordingly. Your mind slows, your body lets go and your deepest thoughts are allowed to surface. All that’s left is your body’s natural response to the tranquility of this underwater environment.

As soon as the subjects submerge, they are surrounded by space: flowing, soft, boundless space. It is still and silent, yet always moving them, opening them up and swallowing them whole.