Saja Montague

Hello and welcome. First off, thank you for visiting my site. This is a new experience for me, sharing my images this way – I usually fluctuate in my perspectives about rotating social media like Instagram, so I’m hoping that uploading these collections will be a little more rewarding. My introduction to photography started with film and has been my favorite way to shoot ever since. My Minolta is my favorite 35mm, but in terms of equipment large format is my most comfortable, as well as my most beloved practice. I pursued a BFA at Virginia Intermont College and completed the series “Underneath” and “Baring” during my senior year, and have been growing and expanding “Baring” ever since. In building my event photography experience I shot the Rhythm and Roots Festival in Bristol for 4 years. Ever since event photography has been sort of ingrained in my brain and I seek it out as much as possible. In the time since I graduated I’ve shot plays, festivals, reunions, bands, weddings, paid portraits, and had a stint in seasonal river rafting photography.

In 2016, I produced and provided on-set still photography for “It’s Gonna Be a Punk Rock Summer”, an independent feature film based in my hometown. I participated in the curation/was a participant in two installments in an ongoing collective project “Superpowers Not Guaranteed: Contemporary Art Inspired by the Classic Atomic Age” (2017). My solo shows have included “Baring” (2016) and “Underneath” (2015-16), both a somewhat ongoing and extended creation. On the horizon I am continuing my involvement with the “Superpowers..” series, am in pre-production (as producer and still photographer) for more movie projects, and am seeking venues to host my collaborative series “montagueXpierce”, a double exposure on film series. I’m constantly on the lookout for models for my multiple ongoing projects as well, so if interested please contact me. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.